11 PM | 25 Jan

January 17, 2017: How to be vocally agnostic?

Often in a discussion, people easily take sides on an issue. In such a case, not having an opinion or abstaining from having one isn’t considered acceptable. How should one emphasize that not having an opinion isn’t a matter of guilt? Also, not taking one side doesn’t necessarily mean taking the opposite, just as not being happy doesn’t necessarily mean being sad.

In issues where one lacks background knowledge, it is rather appropriate to not take sides. However, as far as knowledge is concerned, one can never know enough as learning is an ongoing process. But not having an opinion serves as an impetus to learn about the issue and critically analyze the arguments from both the sides.

Another aspect that comes into play is consequence of having or not having an opinion. This is to say that not having an opinion mostly leads to not taking an action on the issue. For example, in case of a judge having to call someone guilty or not has tangible consequences. In such a case, how should one go about forming an opinion?

In addition to questioning the idea of having or not having opinions, values of one’s opinions or their value to oneself were discussed during the evening. Specially in cases where either one doesn’t care or in cases where one does not have stakes in the cause. This however doesn’t diminish the power of one’s voice.

A related movie that came up in the discussion was 12 Angry Men.


12 PM | 30 Oct

Nov 1: We Are V-R, or is Virtual Reality a desirable reality?


We Are V-R! Together we picked “How can virtual reality be a desirable reality?” as the starting point for discussion on November 1. Let’s meet in the TU Lib Einstein room from 7pm and see where we go from there (in a conversational sense :P)

Is VR the next big thing in consumer electronics? Why is it so desirable? Is it everything we imagine it to be? Where in our world would VR fit? what about Augmented Reality? Other kinds of “reality™” perhaps? What comes to mind for you?

See you Tuesday!

01 PM | 23 Oct

Oct 24 – Trump and Hillary, A “presidential” debate


“As an introduction to American politics Sports & Culture TU Delft, Studium Generale TU Delft, Vox Delft and TU Delft Debating Club proudly present a presidential debate on the upcoming US elections. The evening will provide information on the American electoral system and the battle between the prime candidates for presidency.

Our host will bring you up to speed with recent developments in the race for the White House and discuss the implications for European politics if either one of the candidates gets elected. An open debate on democracy, US politics and presidential powers will conclude the evening.

Monday | 19.30 – 21:30 | Senaatszaal (Aula) | €0,- [In co-op with Studium Generale, VOX Delft and TU Delft Debating Club]”

facebook event page

05 PM | 17 Oct

Oct 18: discussion night – a quest for humanity’s last generation


Welcome to another weekly VOX discussion night. The above topic was suggested by Stephan and received the highest vote in our Facebook page polling.

Stephan explains his motivation: “The philosophy of antinatalism states that it is preferable for humanity to stop procreating. Entirely. No more kids. There’s various reasons for this. Life is suffering, the planet is going to hell, and maybe your kids don’t even really want to be born. Is our destiny to transcend our strongest animal drive, and fade proudly into the cosmic night? That’s what I want to discuss.”

Join us this Tuesday for the discussion. The event will be held in the Einstein room, TU Library and will start at 7.00 pm.

05 PM | 27 Sep

Sep 27: If money were no object, where would you live?


TU Delft Library, Einstein room, 7PM:

“If money were no object, where would you live?”

“A more common question is “if money were no object, what would you do?”, but do you feel any affinity for a particular place on this planet, and why? To what extent is location a factor to your health and happiness? Once you have all they money you could need, are all places still desirable options?”

Free drinks and snacks available right there!

08 AM | 10 Sep

Sep 13: Movie Night – Mindwalk (1990)


Dear human beings of Delft,

This month, the board picked “why are you here?” as a general theme, and we start off with:

Next Tuesday, Sep 13, we’re hosting a movie screening again. Drinks and snacks are provided as usual, and we start the film at 7pm sharp. After the movie, we can discuss it with our minds and hearts and kidneys and pinky toes. Really our entire bodies.

facebook event

internet movie database page


06 PM | 31 May

What are the best ways to celebrate various events?

Welcome to another weekly VOX discussion night. The above topic was suggested by Pawel and received the highest vote in our Facebook page polling.

Join us this Tuesday for the discussion. The event will be held in room 2.74 (one floor above the usual Steve Job’s room), TU Library and will start at 7.00 pm.

06 PM | 31 May

Does it matter how old you are?

Does it matter how old you are? – Do you have a sense of treating people differently based on age? Have you had a thought like: “when im 25, then ill be a real adult/mature person”? If you talk to someone interesting, and you learn they’re much younger/older than you thought, do you think differently of them? Do you want to challenge people more if they’re older, or less? I also think this interesting in the context of internet communities, where its not always clear who is how old.

06 PM | 31 May

How to react to human tragedy that does not involve us directly?

So I always have this dilemma of how to react to horrible events that happen to other people, not directly connected to me. Typically I choose respectful silence, but that might be confused with ignorance or lack of care. On the other hand, overreaction is not desired, which might lead to or be perceived as phony or even trivial, attention seeking or plainly silly. I was wondering whether we could establish some ground for appropriate reaction for various events.

06 PM | 31 May


We live in a world where sustainability, efficiency, re-usability is key. While swiss knives and fold-out sofa-beds are popular and widely available, we may benefit from more objects that serve more purpose than one. What other every day items, spaces, technologies can we combine to save precious resources? Can we dream up devices or technologies that are multifunctional? Do you have inspiring examples of multifunctionality in practice today?

06 PM | 31 May

What’s up with polls?

What’s the point of them? Do they really reflect well or accurately what should be done? Does one person’s ignorance really mean the same thing as another’s knowledge, as Asimov is quoted as saying? What do polls measure outside of seeing what amount of people want to have their “voice” heard? It might be good for getting some sense of a general -feeling-, but as a platform for getting at any good decision, does it hold its ground?

06 PM | 31 May

Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes: I’ve kept a folder on my harddrive, filled with inspirational quotes on top of pictures. For a while I was quite keen on collecting these pieces of wisdom, as I saw them. What I thought might be fun was go over some of these with you, discuss them. On the flipside, I’ve stopped collecting them, and going through them regularly like I used to, because I realized I wasn’t getting any wiser by doing so. So I’m also interested in this topic of utility or functionality of “other people’s wisdom” or even writing things down that seem insightful the first time you hear or see it, but maybe not at all the subsequent times, though you still hope to get that feeling back.

06 PM | 31 May

Will XXI century bring an end to most professions?

We have already mentioned the topic several times along other discussions that robotisation is likely to be the doom of unskilled labour. However, with the pace of current progress, many thought to be high end professions are at risk. Going to your GP to hear all the standard questions? Need a pharmacist? Basic legal/accounting problems? Laboratory help needed? Mechanic or cook? All to be robots soon. Moreover, about 10 years ago I read a very convincing article that data miners will be extremely sought for. Now we know that they will be most likely eradicated by computerised bots directing filtered information to the analysts because no human being can handle this much data. A bit more about professions:


01 PM | 17 Nov

Nov 17: If you identify as a certain gender, how and why?


These are tonight’s starting questions for VOX’s open discussion. Maybe you have a strong opinion, maybe you are ambivalent. Does it matter whether people have an opinion? The person that suggested this is curious in all your perspectives on this notion. Is it relative to your culture? Your language? Your government form protocols? Is it more pronounced one place or another in your experience?

Join in the TU lib Gertrude Stein room, the door is open from 7 PM.