About Us

VOX Delft organizes open discussions on Tuesday nights at 7 PM in the TU Library. Open in topics, types of people, and attitude, there’s a lot of opportunity to learn from all the different perspectives, faculties, nationalities and other factors. Requiring no registration or charge, please join us any time you feel like, however you want to contribute to the most interesting conversations!

What about the topics?
The facebook group is used to decide on topics, to which you can contribute your own, vote on the ones available, or brainstorm on them and share interesting, relevant links. Topics are decided on a weekly basis and the polls for the week closes on Sunday.

Movie and TV screenings?
Movies and TV shows are screened every month followed by a discussion, for which suggestions are also very welcome.

How can I keep updated?
The topic for every week is featured on the VOX Delft Facebook page. The twitter feed is updated once a new topic has been decided. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for updates every week.

Know more about VOX Delft?
The history and the main goals of VOX can be found in the manifesto.

Can I contact you?
We encourage you to direct your queries or share your ideas with us. You can write to us at info@voxdelft.com