8 May | We are family

We did not choose who our family was going to be. Yet, we spend an enormous amount of energy to maintain these relations. However, we also want to travel the world, meet new people, have new experiences, often away from family. Family is a one-of-a-kind relation, but often conflict arises. These expectations can suffocate our … [Read more…]

1 May | VOX and Outsite collaboration – movie night: “Transformation”

On the 1st of May, VOX will be collaborating with the LGBTQ youth group, Outsite in Delft to have a discussion on gender identity, movements, awareness and acceptance. The discussion will be preceded by the MTV documentary: “Transformation” (2016), where transgender and gender non-conforming individuals are interviewed as they get makeovers. “Afterwards, these individuals are … [Read more…]

24 Apr | How important is privacy and safety in handing personal data for free services?

Keeping in mind, the recent developments of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony and the data lost to Cambridge Analytics from Facebook, it shows that your information’s privacy isn’t so safe. The possibility of tracking your internet-activity even without being logged-in is quite a risk. Not only companies have this ability, but intelligent agencies use this to provide … [Read more…]

17 Apr | Am I afraid of being bored?

Very often I find myself restless and feel a constant need to fill my free time with activities that I dont find fulfilling. I find it more comfortable to spend my time binge watching TV shows, movies, playing video games, porn, scrolling through social media, etc. I seek instant gratification and the technology at my … [Read more…]

10 Apr | Black mirror : Hang the DJ

Vox brings back Black mirror tuesday this 10th of April with the episode “Hang the DJ”! This episode is a very hopeful one, discussing love in the times of technological advancement and choosing a partner in the context of a wide world of potential mates.

Apr 3 | Is alcohol worth a shot?

Alcohol and caffeine have always been a part of human cultures. Also, in academic circles alcohol consumption is higher than in the general population. Why is that the case and could our society function without drugs? Could drugs be used to promote peace or build a brave new world? What is the role of drugs … [Read more…]

Mar 27 | Movie : Frances Ha (2012)

A New York woman (who doesn’t really have an apartment) apprentices for a dance company (though she’s not really a dancer) and throws herself headlong into her dreams, even as the possibility of realizing them dwindles. Frances Ha is a 2012 American black-and-white comedy-drama film, directed by Noah Baumbach and written by Baumbach and Greta … [Read more…]

Mar 13 | Discussion : Snitches get stitches: the ethics of whistle-blowing.

Whistleblowers expose illegal, deceitful and immoral behavior in corporations, governments and other organizations, often at great personal risk. But whistleblowers also divide society, cause public unrest, endanger second- and third-party lives, and sometimes personally profit from their actions. With the the rise in the past years of whistleblowing activity, the influence of organizations such as … [Read more…]

Topic Submission and Selection Machine

Select and submit topics of your interest for the regular Think’N’Drink discussion nights. This persistent system keeps an account of which topics are interesting to most, so they can be selected ahead of time for our Think’N’Drinks. Once collectively selected, a date will be set for the top subject, and it will be taken off … [Read more…]

Join us on our the Aardehuis excursion trip on the 24th of May!

Stichting Aardehuis is performing a feat unique on Dutch soil, namely the construction of multiple blocks of sustainable earthship houses. Most of the actual labor being done to create this self-sufficient ecovillage is done by the future occupants and by volunteers, rather than a traditional construction crew! The finished houses will feature their own water … [Read more…]