Mar 13 | Discussion : Snitches get stitches: the ethics of whistle-blowing.

Whistleblowers expose illegal, deceitful and immoral behavior in corporations, governments and other organizations, often at great personal risk. But whistleblowers also divide society, cause public unrest, endanger second- and third-party lives, and sometimes personally profit from their actions. With the the rise in the past years of whistleblowing activity, the influence of organizations such as … [Read more…]

Topic Submission and Selection Machine

Select and submit topics of your interest for the regular Think’N’Drink discussion nights. This persistent system keeps an account of which topics are interesting to most, so they can be selected ahead of time for our Think’N’Drinks. Once collectively selected, a date will be set for the top subject, and it will be taken off … [Read more…]

Join us on our the Aardehuis excursion trip on the 24th of May!

Stichting Aardehuis is performing a feat unique on Dutch soil, namely the construction of multiple blocks of sustainable earthship houses. Most of the actual labor being done to create this self-sufficient ecovillage is done by the future occupants and by volunteers, rather than a traditional construction crew! The finished houses will feature their own water … [Read more…]