What are the best ways to celebrate various events?

Welcome to another weekly VOX discussion night. The above topic was suggested by Pawel and received the highest vote in our Facebook page polling. Join us this Tuesday for the discussion. The event will be held in room 2.74 (one floor above the usual Steve Job’s room), TU Library and will start at 7.00 pm.

Does it matter how old you are?

Does it matter how old you are? – Do you have a sense of treating people differently based on age? Have you had a thought like: “when im 25, then ill be a real adult/mature person”? If you talk to someone interesting, and you learn they’re much younger/older than you thought, do you think differently … [Read more…]


We live in a world where sustainability, efficiency, re-usability is key. While swiss knives and fold-out sofa-beds are popular and widely available, we may benefit from more objects that serve more purpose than one. What other every day items, spaces, technologies can we combine to save precious resources? Can we dream up devices or technologies … [Read more…]

What’s up with polls?

What’s the point of them? Do they really reflect well or accurately what should be done? Does one person’s ignorance really mean the same thing as another’s knowledge, as Asimov is quoted as saying? What do polls measure outside of seeing what amount of people want to have their “voice” heard? It might be good … [Read more…]

Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes: I’ve kept a folder on my harddrive, filled with inspirational quotes on top of pictures. For a while I was quite keen on collecting these pieces of wisdom, as I saw them. What I thought might be fun was go over some of these with you, discuss them. On the flipside, I’ve stopped … [Read more…]