Oct 18: discussion night – a quest for humanity’s last generation

Welcome to another weekly VOX discussion night. The above topic was suggested by Stephan and received the highest vote in our Facebook page polling. Stephan explains his motivation: “The philosophy of antinatalism states that it is preferable for humanity to stop procreating. Entirely. No more kids. There’s various reasons for this. Life is suffering, the … [Read more…]

While the site was offline, we talked about:

November 24th: The impending artificial intelligence doom “The following article has been making the rounds some time ago, and a number have already read this summary of arguments of why we should be weary of enthusiasm. Science fiction stories are full of robot uprisings. How prophetic can they be? What do you think, what do … [Read more…]

Sep 22: Quantity or quality

Join in the TU Delft Library Einstein room this topic set by Leroy: “would you rather spend your time with few people, high intensity, or many, low intensity. Why? Do you think you can really get to the depths of a subject or person by spending just a lot of time on it/them? Do you … [Read more…]