Paradise or Oblivion – Documentary Recap

So, last week we watched “Paradise or Oblivion”, a 50 minute- documentary by the Venus Project. I didn’t like the quality of that documentary. In my opinion it was way too information- shallow. The 50 minutes of ‘information’ they provided were mostly graphics. Textual information could’ve fitted in less than half an A4. It’s that … [Read more…]

Board Meeting – 11 nov. ’13

Hey everyone, time for another update! Yesterday, we discussed some of the final preparations needed for our upcoming “Kritiek op Alles“. We still have to make the final selection for thursday. Also, we will film parts of the event in order to make a teaser. Next thing coming up is the Big Drone Discussion. We’re … [Read more…]

Board Meeting – 5 nov. ’13

Yesterday the board met. Besides the interesting discussion whether or not our logo is circular (can you find out? be sure to reply!), we talked about the website, a brand new polling and persistance system for the TND, as well as some final preparations for our upcoming events “Kritiek op Alles” (14th of nov.) and … [Read more…]