02 Apr | Video Games

There’s a lot going on in the video game world. The age old arguments of violence in games spurs violence in real life will still continue.

But looking past these obvious tropes, there have been some serious developments in the gaming industry. The biggest of which is the introduction of microtransactions in games that have been accused of following a model akin to gambling. The EU banned several major publishers last year on the grounds of these predatory practices. In other news, the development cycle of games have changed. They have become seasonal; the same game is revamped with minimal changes and sold year after year. It has also become a natural practice for a full priced game to be finished several months after they’ve been sold. Why do publishers continue to abuse the trust of their loyal fans? Or is it naive to be oblivious to the cost of making a AAA title?

In the recent years, gaming has shifted from single player settings to massive multiplayer settings. Esports is a legitimate things and is already considered a professional sport. With the advent of twitch, game streaming is as popular as playing the game itself. Moreover the mobile gaming market is an unregulated space that every major publisher is trying to get a piece of. Modern day gaming is lot different from what playing video games used to be. Lets take a look at how things have changed.

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