19 Mrt | Do we really care about privacy?

You are probably aware that data from your online activity is collected and distributed to various third parties. And yet, how many times have you actually read through the privacy agreement that you so casually agree to every time you click- well… ‘Agree’? Even after all the privacy scandals that have been on the news in the past few years involving Google, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Sony and so on?

Do we actually care that our data is being collected or that it’s being put to use by unknown parties (especially unknown if you haven’t read those privacy agreements) for yet to be fully specified purposes? Why aren’t we more cautious about sharing our data or where it ends up? Would it take too much effort? Do you agree that the services you use are fair exchange for records of your online activity? If you could put a price tag on your data, what would be the value you place on it?

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