Board Meeting – 5 nov. ’13

Yesterday the board met. Besides the interesting discussion whether or not our logo is circular (can you find out? be sure to reply!), we talked about the website, a brand new polling and persistance system for the TND, as well as some final preparations for our upcoming events “Kritiek op Alles” (14th of nov.) and the “Drone Discussion” (18th of nov.).

I will briefly discuss this first, upcoming, project of ours. We want to create a system which allows for persistent topics for the TND. Right now, we have a new vote each week. Doing so, interesting topics disappear into the background were they not chosen. By having a persistent system, which will basically track all the topics ever suggested, and archives the topics chosen, we want to facilitate the process of informing about and voting for topics.If you are interested in aiding the development, or have any suggestions, drop me a message! ( maarten (at) voxdelft (dot) com )

For more information, check the board minutes!

We meet every week on monday from 16.15 to 17.15. Feel free to drop by. If you want anything specific on the agenda, contact Mahtab (mahtab (at) voxdelft (dot) com)

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  1. Technically, persistent voting has already been implemented in the Sticky TnD Selection post (always visible on the front page). Only drawback is, adding/deleting new topics has to be done in the backend.

    So for the time being this is a good solution, but we’ll keep a lookout for better ones if they come along.

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