Discussion: Memento Mori – How to Embrace Death

“Memento Mori – Remember you must die” is a message that can be found in art and philosophy throughout many centuries of history. The Stoics e.g. aimed to appreciate and live in the here and now by constantly reminding themselves of the inevitability of death. This concept can also be found in many paintings and even jewelry of the 16th and 17th century which depict reminders of our mortality such as skulls and hourglasses. Nowadays however, with the general improvements in medicine death has become less present in our everyday lives, and we are rarely in direct contact with it. Together with these improvements the focus of art and philosophy seem to have shifted away from the concept of Memento Mori. However, we still all have to die eventually, and we are still faced with the same questions on how to embrace our own as well as the deaths of our loved ones. Should we prepare ourselves for death and constantly remind ourselves of it or should we simply enjoy the time we have? When are we done living our lives and ready to go? How do we assist dying people who do not feel ready for death? Is it okay to perform assisted suicide and if so how do we deal with the decision of our loved ones to end their lives?



Meeting link: https://meet.jit.si/GoodFirefightersLiftBetween

Date: 06th Oct, 2020

Time: 19:00 – 21:00


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