Discussion: What Role Does Love Play in a Relationship?


In western society we are told to follow our hearts when it comes to choosing the right partner, but is this really the best approach to relationship matters? In other parts of the world arranged marriages are still no rarity and just a few generations ago this was also the case in Europe. What has caused this shift away from a more practical approach to match-making and more importantly, are our relationships any more successful now than they used to be? According to divorce statistics, arranged marriages do on average last longer than non-arranged ones. This isĀ  attributed to the fact that the compatibility of the potential partners’ values, cultural background etc. are evaluated ahead of time whereas love relationships are often based on more superficial criteria such as looks and money. However, do longer lasting marriages also correspond to happier ones? What constitutes a good relationship in the first place? How does one pick the right partner and what role does love play in all of this?


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