VOX launch in the Aula, what an experience!

We just got back from plugging VOX amidst the chaotic lunch-going crowd in the Aula. A crazy experience to see people reacting to our VOX-sweaters, flyers, surveys, video interviews, and banner. It was an information overload, and I’m quite sure the pitch we gave to each person was rather different every time.


For those who feel they didn’t get the gist of VOX yet, here’s a clipping from the DELTA newspaper. It’s an interview with Stephan, VOX’s chairman, who explains his reasons for launching a new student association in Delft. In Dutch….:)


Another Dutch newspaper (AD Haagse Courant) has featured us today, in their regional section. The article was originally intended to come up on the same day as the Launch, but got delayed one day. As a result, reporter Deevid Wijnands was able to cover the aftermath of the launch event as well. Thanks, Deevid!

One thing that I found intriguing about AD’s article is that it seems to believe we’re starting an uprising and that it’s basically us against the other associations in Delft. For clarification’s sake, we consider ourselves an addition to the existing system, not competition! =) As a matter of fact, the idea of working together with other associations sounds very appealing to us.

As for VOX Delft not being about drinking and having a good time – just because our main goal relates to spreading consciousness, doesn’t mean our members will never kick back, relax and socialize together. In that sense, we’re just as much of an association as all the others!

Let me also take this moment to publicly thank Connie van Uffelen, who interviewed me for the Delta article. We’re all very pleased with how it all came out.

— Stephan

Final update: VOX LAUNCH VIDEO


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