Sept. 28: Excursion to the Earthship construction site in Olst

During this summer some of the VOX members visited the Aardehuis, or Earthship construction site in Olst. Now we are organizing a field trip to the construction site for students who want to see it for themselves.

Stichting Aardehuis is performing a feat unique on Dutch soil, the construction of multiple blocks of sustainable earthship houses, with most of the actual labor being done by the future occupants and many volunteers, rather than a traditional construction crew! The finished houses will feature their own water sanitation systems and independent energy production. A marvellous community is already forming over there – a visit is therefore sure to prove inspirational!

We’ll probably rent a van (or more than one) and head over together in the early afternoon. On location, we will probably receive a lecture on the inspirational design elements and technology used – after which we will embark on a tour around the build site, finished off with a small workshop where the group will help build one of the houses with recycled car tires and clay. Once the whole thing is over, we will either eat on the site or go into Deventer for dinner and drinks before we will drive you back to Delft.

The excursion will take place on Friday, September 28th, 2012. Send an email to to sign up and join us.


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