Survey results [Dating back to October!]

Finally, we have analysed the survey hand out during our launch on the 6th of October 2011. It’s the same survey that’s available on our website (at ), asking students questions about their ambitions, social interests, and world issues.

We decided it was time to share the results of our 13 participants. 🙂

First some statistics:

The average age of the participants was 22, and 77% of the participants were male.

To the first question, asking what students would like to do after graduation, the following answers were given:

2 don’t know what to do yet
3 would like to teach and / or research
2 would like to start designing
1 would like to travel
3 would like to work towards a more sustainable future
1 would like to start his own company
1 would like to work for a large industry

 “Do you feel that the global economic and ecological crises are relevant to your future? Why?”

Of all the participants answering the second question, the overwhelming majority (9 participants) believe that the financial crisis will affect them in the future. However, the reasons for these answers are extremely diverse. One suggested that “… people without work make society worse and more dependent on the government”, while another believed that the crisis “… gives huge business opportunities.” Another participant believes that she “… has a lot of influence on what’s happening, more so than the economy itself.” Some participants were also concerned about climate change due to its “.. drastic effects,” and one is even losing hope for the future because “… the job perspective is horrible.” In other words, the student population of Delft has a very mixed perspective on the crisis, something which we at VOX will have to take into account in our programs.

“Have you ever thought, from a technological point of view, about how you would engineer a better society? What are your thoughts on that”

For the third question, an overwhelming majority of participants answered that they have actively thought about engineering a better society. One of them believes that this can be done with “… for example renewable energy. Or completely different ways of production and waste disposal/ recycling”. Another participants states “… I have already engineered my own house which creates it’s own energy.” We think this last comment is awesome, and would like to know who this person is!! Clearly, engineers are largely motivated to make a positive contribution to society, whether that be their core motivation or as a happy bonus to their own profitable businesses. Allthough this is a very small group to draw conclusions from, we think this means that the basic VOX outlook is widely present in Delft: conscious engineering to benefit the world!

“Do you believe multidisciplinary approaches are required to solve world issues? Why?/Why not?”

The final question, about the need for multidisciplinary approaches to world challenges, everyone responded positively. It may seem like a no-brainer to say that it’s good to work together with people from different backgrounds, but in practice, this does not always take place. All participants in the survey believe that a multidisciplinary approach is required to solve the world’s present issues. According to one (and most), “… most problems are multifaceted and much bigger than just one discipline.” Hallelujah! The need for an expanded perspective confirmed.

We would like to thank all participants who filled in our survey. It has helped to give us a sense of our target members – how motivated they are, how informed, and how ambitious they are. We hope that this small selection of “Delftenaars” is a good representation of the community, since we surely believe that, with this attitude, we can make a difference all-together.

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