Topic Submission and Selection Machine

Select and submit topics of your interest for the regular Think’N’Drink discussion nights.

This persistent system keeps an account of which topics are interesting to most, so they can be selected ahead of time for our Think’N’Drinks.
Once collectively selected, a date will be set for the top subject, and it will be taken off the list, for a new topic to rise to the top.

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If you would like to submit your own topic,  put them in the comments below, where you can also find other topics’ expanded elaborations.
Discussions are free form, with some moderation, so any topic goes, be it unusual, stigmatized, or you simply aren’t sure about one or two things, so feel free in your suggestions:

Some guidelines that might be of use when describing what you want to talk about:

  1. A one sentence description, we’ve found to pose it as a question helps specify.
  2. Why is it (personally) fascinating/curious to me?
  3. Optional: an example in anecdote, article or media form
  4. What are the specific aspects that you are most curious about?
  5. Recommend 2 sub-questions. These will direct the discussion.




  1. Klaas

    Topic suggestion: “corporate power and the end of democracy as we know it.”

    In an age of businesses that are too big to fail, and too big to change, massive lobbying, extrajudicial corporate justice systems, billion dollar bribes, global monopolies, revolving doors between government and business, and so on and so on, what is left of our democracy? What will future governance look like? And is it something to be feared, or to be welcomed?

  2. Paweł

    Less serious topic suggestion: “What would happen to mankind if we found alien life forms?”

    A number of science fiction shows and novels (e.g. Star Trek, Ender’s Saga) assumes that when mankind meets (intelligent) aliens, whether they are peaceful or hostile, people unite and create a new world order.
    I would like to explore what do you think that would happen. What if it was a microbe on Mars or Europa (the moon of Jupiter of course). What if the SETI programme received an indubitable signal? What if an actual alien object landed on Earth and communicated?
    Mind that I would not like to explore the question whether alien life exist or Fermi’s paradox or any other but to concentrate what would happen to us – humans should something like that happen (apart from the human-alien interaction). Would anything change? Would we create a new world order? Would religion become obsolete or just the opposite?

  3. Klaas

    Topic suggestion:
    “Why don’t students protest any more?”

    There’s always sneaky things going on that are worth protesting. Name any number of things, like inequality, corruption, pollution, taxes, student debt, the lack of flying cars, etc.

    Used to be students were at the forefront of defending social justice. The 60s and 70s, 80s and even the 90s were full of protests from our young, rebellious, vociferously intellectual elites. Right now, it’s almost unheard of for young people to protest anything.

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