Board Meeting – 5 nov. ’13

Yesterday the board met. Besides the interesting discussion whether or not our logo is circular (can you find out? be sure to reply!), we talked about the website, a brand new polling and persistance system for the TND, as well as some final preparations for our upcoming events “Kritiek op Alles” (14th of nov.) and … [Read more…]

Topic Submission and Selection Machine

Select and submit topics of your interest for the regular Think’N’Drink discussion nights. This persistent system keeps an account of which topics are interesting to most, so they can be selected ahead of time for our Think’N’Drinks. Once collectively selected, a date will be set for the top subject, and it will be taken off … [Read more…]

Join us on our the Aardehuis excursion trip on the 24th of May!

Stichting Aardehuis is performing a feat unique on Dutch soil, namely the construction of multiple blocks of sustainable earthship houses. Most of the actual labor being done to create this self-sufficient ecovillage is done by the future occupants and by volunteers, rather than a traditional construction crew! The finished houses will feature their own water … [Read more…]

Earthship field trip

VOX and Stylos, the student association of the Faculty of Architecture in Delft, are planning to organize a field trip to the construction site of a community of Earth Ships in Overijssel. This field trip will take place somewhere in the spring or summer of 2012. We will most likely be put to work on … [Read more…]

Survey results [Dating back to October!]

Finally, we have analysed the survey hand out during our launch on the 6th of October 2011. It’s the same survey that’s available on our website (at ), asking students questions about their ambitions, social interests, and world issues. We decided it was time to share the results of our 13 participants. 🙂

VOX Delft: A Manifesto

In light of our upcoming launch, I’d like to briefly touch base with all you, retrace some steps and explore why VOX Delft came to be – and, more importantly, why it has manifested the way it did. Consider this a raison d’être; a statement of intent. If there are any doubts left in your … [Read more…]

PR about the PR machine for VOX

Completed the first photo-shoot today of the VOX board members. The pictures were taken by a photographer for the DELTA, the weekly newspaper of TU Delft, which will be using them to spice up their article on VOX Delft this week. The photographer gave VOX Secretary Samer a great opportunity to debate alternative income strategies. … [Read more…]