Bag It!

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, October 19th) in cooperation with Studium Generale, we’re going to screen the documentary BAG IT during lunchtime at I.O. Go to the Joost van der Grinten room at 12:30 to eat your lunch while watching the vid and/or to meet VOX members!

(Click image to go the trailer)

Bag It follows Mr. Average Joe, a Colorado, USA resident as he investigates our world’s dependence on plastic. Plastic is delicious, and it’s awesome for all sorts of purposes, but it’s also destructive. So Joe follows the source, production, uses, and abuses of plastic in order to convince us that WE can do something about the plastic problem.

Time to become conscious of our dependence, conscious of our responsibility (and guilt, if you like guilt-trips), and to become engaged in engineering products and designs that are more environmentally neutral. Or environmentally awesome. I can’t decide for you, so come out and watch Bag It with us to learn more about your options!

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