Crazy Math/Waanzinnige Wiskunde



On November 17th, the VOX Weekly meeting will be cut short to make space for “CRAZY MATH” – our first ‘formal’ event!

Email if you want to join us in listening to Gert Kramer talk about a completely unfamiliar, and yet totally intuitive way of using numbers. You will be amazed at some of the seemingly irrational patterns he reveals in the relationships between numbers; relationships which are inherent to the construction of nature, reality, and of course technology.

For inspiration, we’ve dipped into a classic video from the Disney animators: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land. It’s funky to say the least, and a bit of a head trip. It’s crazy math for beginners.

Click here for the event page, with more information on how to sign up for this Master Class and an accompanying free pizza dinner:  CLICKITY CLICK


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